Cosmetic Dentistry Perth

Are you looking for the best cosmetic dentists in the Perth area? Look no further than GlamSmile and our effective, high-quality porcelain veneers treatment.

With years of experience in smile makeovers using innovative, successful solutions for rectifying a range of dental issues, we have designed the GlamSmile range for affodrable cosmetic dentistry in Perth that allows for predictable and safe results. More...

Our cosmetic dentistry services are intended to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your teeth while working on enhancing functionality and supporting their natural structure.

We understand that cosmetic dentistry can get overly expensive – that’s why GlamSmile aim to keep our fees lower than most dentists to ensure the best cosmetic dentistry is also cheaper and easily accessible for for Australians. Our porcelain veneers treatment can be used to mend a range of dental issues, including chipped, crooked, uneven, and decaying teeth without the need for harmful excessive damage to healthy tooth structure. When you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and affordable dentist in Perth, choose our team at GlamSmile for the job.


What Is GlamSmile?

GlamSmile is a simple cosmetic dental treatment intended to improve the visual appeal of your teeth without hindering their natural structure. At GlamSmile, our cosmetic dentistry treatment consists of reliable, ultra-thin porcelain veneers, which are individually designed to match each patient’s unique smile. If you are suffering from a wide range of dental issues, then GlamSmile is the perfect solution for transforming your teeth.

porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services in Perth, specialising in porcelain veneers. Our treatment options are designed to ensure everyone gains access to affordable cosmetic dentistry services. We aim to rectify your dental issues and provide support throughout your cosmetic dentistry journey. Our GlamSmile range is comprehensive and caters to all dental requirements while keeping procedures cheap and affordable.

The GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers Range

When you reach out to our dental clinic for the best cosmetic dentistry, you get a choice between three high-quality and effective porcelain veneers treatments. Each treatment is guaranteed to provide the desired results and transform the look of your teeth while remaining cheap and pain-free.

The Classic is Australia’s most affordable porcelain veneers. Our Classic treatment is our original and most popular product as it is safe, cost-effective, and incredibly effective. Benefits of the Classic range includes:

  • Ultra-thin and durable

  • Minimal preparation and hassle-free procedure

  • Completed within just two dentist visits

  • 10 custom-designed for each arch

  • 3D-CAD crafted with unique digital previews

The Plus+ range allows for a more natural appearance yet keeps cosmetic dentistry cheap and affordable. The Plus+ veneers are modelled off the Classic range but allow patients more choices. Benefits of the Plus+ range includes:

  • Better aesthetics
  • A natural surface texture
  • A wider choice of shades
  • A trial fitting prior to bonding

Get premium cosmetic dentistry for cheap when you choose the GlamSmile platinum range. These porcelain veneers will create a stunning, natural-looking smile for a very competitive price. Benefits of the Platinum range includes:

  • Visual appeal with layered porcelain
  • A full range of shades
  • The most natural-looking and translucent in the series
  • Natural characteristics
  • Trial fitting prior to bonding

Why Choose a GlamSmile Smile Makeover?

Crooked or uneven teeth can significantly influence your confidence to smile freely. You don’t have to keep hiding away your smile. At GlamSmile, we will transform the look of your teeth with our ultra-thin porcelain veneers. Save yourself time and money when you choose GlamSmile for your smile makeover. Some of the many benefits associated with GlamSmile include:

You may think that the ultra-thin design of our GlamSmile veneers makes them prone to damage or cracks. However, this is not true. Porcelain is a strong material, and with the proper care and maintenance, they are sturdy enough to last for years to come.

GlamSmile is an effective procedure that can be completed within a short period of time. Throughout the treatment, you may only need to visit the dentist as little as two times. Your first visit will be for taking 3D scans of your teeth so that we can uniquely customise your veneers, and the second time will be to get your individually crafted veneers bonded to your teeth.

Affordability remains at the core of our GlamSmile procedure. We aim to perform high-quality cosmetic dentistry at a reasonable price. We believe everyone should have access to exceptional cosmetic dentistry, and therefore, we provide our patients with a complete smile makeover for less. The cost of our GlamSmile porcelain veneers can be as little as a third of the cost of traditional ones.

Due to the super-thin nature of our veneers, they can be directly bonded to the teeth without having to cut back any healthy tooth tissue. Additionally, there is no need to prepare the original set of teeth significantly. Therefore, no drills, needles or anaesthesia are needed for the procedure, allowing for a completely non-invasive and hassle-free method.

By utilising advanced 3D software, our dentists will be able to show you how your new smile will look before the process has even begun. Any alterations you wish to make can be completed within this initial stage – ensuring accurate and precise results. Attain the flawless smile you always wanted with uniquely fabricated porcelain veneers.

Cheap Cosmetic Dentist In Perth

The GlamSmile range is a technologically advanced treatment that remains affordable for everyone. As our veneers are custom-made to fit over your natural teeth, our seating and bonding method allows us to implement a full set in less than an hour. Our computer-assisted design technology ensures more efficient cosmetic dentistry, which means you’ll be spending less time at the clinic, and therefore, less money. If you are looking for a cheap cosmetic dentist in the area, look no further than GlamSmile. We have improved the smiles of over 5,000 Australians and continue to transform our patient’s teeth to boost their overall sense of confidence. For more information on pricing or payment plans, contact us today.

Pain Free Dentist In Perth

Does visiting the dentist make you feel uncomfortable? Fearing pain can be a massive problem when it comes to traditional cosmetic dentistry. However, at GlamSmile, we are dedicated to creating a pain-free procedure and allows our patients to feel completely comfortable while they are in the dentist’s chair. Instead of digging around in your mouth as other dental clinics may do, our team at GlamSmile utilises breakthrough technology to take 3D scans of your teeth and custom design porcelain veneers that fit your teeth exactly. Our pain-free cosmetic dentistry is emphasised through the following principles:

  • Minimal and cheap dentist visits
  • No needles or drills
  • Non-invasive preparation with no grinding or shaving
  • Ultra-thin and will not irritate your natural gums

For more information on pain-free cosmetic dentistry at GlamSmile, contact us today.