The GlamSmile Procedure

Fast and Painfree Smile Makeovers with GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers

GlamSmile’s minimal preparation porcelain veneers require little to no preparation of the teeth before the veneers are bonded to the teeth. Normally the entire process is done in 2 short and comfortable dental visits.

Watch Miss Belgium 2014 Annalien Coorveits have her Fast and Painless GlamSmile Veneer Procedure

Watch the Process

Step 1: Consultation Booking

  • Arrange an consultation appointment with a GlamSmile certified dentist by calling 1300 452 676 or request a consultation online from a provider.

Step 2: Your First Visit

  • During your consultation, your GlamSmile certified dentist will discuss the process and answer all questions you have
  • A thorough dental examination and smile analysis will determine if GlamSmile is suitable for creating your dream smile
  • If you are a candidate for GlamSmile, your dentist will explain the various treatment options and costs
  • Your GlamSmile dentist will then either take a complete 3D scan or a silicone mould impression of your teeth which will be sent to one of GlamSmile’s dental laboratories
  • Designed in partnership with your dentist, your porcelain veneers will be individually crafted specifically for you by our skilled dental ceramists

Step 3: Your Insert Appointment

  • Your second appointment will be scheduled for when your custom-made veneers are due to return from the GlamSmile laboratory
  • Your teeth are first cleaned thoroughly and the tooth surface is prepared for the placement of your GlamSmile porcelain veneers
  • Any minimal tooth preparation required may also be completed at this stage, meaning there is no need for temporary veneers
  • Each veneer is then precisely fitted over the teeth and then bonded using specialised dental cement. A UV curing light then quickly hardens the dental cement and secures each veneer strongly to the surface of each tooth
  • Your dentist will then make the finishing touches, removing any excess bonding material, checking your bite, and then finally polishing your stunning new smile to bring out the brilliant shine of your GlamSmile veneers

Step 4: Share Your New Smile with the World

Experience the renewed confidence, self-esteem and pride that comes from a bright, healthy-looking smile that you’ll want to show off to everyone!

We are here to help

We know making a decision about your smile can be a personal and process. Thankfully our dentists are here to help explain the procedures in detail so you can make an informed decision about your smile. Speak with your local GlamSmile participating dentist about this exciting treatment.