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Explore GlamSmile’s Range of Affordable Porcelain Veneers

Exclusively and Only Available from Certified GlamSmile Dentists GlamSmile was developed to make porcelain veneers more affordable to more Australians. Our licensed provider dentists also have access to our range of more affordable porcelain veneers, to suit more smiles and patients than ever before.


GlamSmile Classic

Australia’s Most Affordable Porcelain Veneers

Our original and most popular porcelain veneer product. GlamSmile Classic is a safe, effective and exceedingly more cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment.
    • Ultra-thin, durable e.max porcelain veneers;
    • Minimal preparation to tooth surface;
    • Completed in as little as two dentist visits;
    • Up to 10 custom designed veneers per arch;
    • 3D-CAD crafted with unique Digital Previews;
    • Belgium-led design and production team
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GlamSmile Plus+

More natural appearance – more affordable dentistry

Modelled off the success of GlamSmile’s best selling porcelain veneer, GlamSmile Plus gives patients more choices and a more natural appearance.
    • Improved aesthetics and appearance;
    • Natural surface texture and characteristics;
    • More choice of shades (colours);
    • Try-in fitting prior to bonding;
    • Made in Australia.
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GlamSmile Platinum

Premium aesthetics with a more realistic price tag

A new smile shouldn’t cost more than a new car! GlamSmile Platinum is our premium porcelain veneer, which can create a stunning, natural looking smile at a more competitive price than other cosmetic dentists.
    • Premium aesthetics with layered porcelain;
    • Full range of shades and graduated colours;
    • Most natural colouring and translucency;
    • Natural characteristics and anatomy;
    • Try-in fitting prior to bonding;
    • Made in Australia.
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Our participating GlamSmile licensed cosmetic dentists are committed to providing more affordable cosmetic solutions to more Australians. Enquire with a GlamSmile provider dentist today.

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Notes about estimated costs and procedures in general: * It is important to know that the costs of any procedure can vary between patients depending on the amount of preparatory work required, and also depending on your suitability for any particular cosmetic dentistry treatment. As GlamSmile’s provider practices are run independently, for the most accurate idea of costs, we recommend contacting your nearest GlamSmile provider directly. In many cases, GlamSmile porcelain veneers require only minimal surface preparation to the teeth, however in order to achieve more specific aesthetic results or in more complex cases, more invasive or surgical preparation may be required. Any invasive or surgical procedure carries risks, it is recommended you obtain a second opinion before committing to any dental procedure (AHPRA – Australian Mandatory Health Warning). We have clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and in Wollongong, click here to find a dentist near you.