How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist

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6 Tips to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile is an integral part of your personality, so exploring the possibility of a smile makeover can be a life changing decision, especially if you are looking for a complete transformation. Given that there are so many practitioners that style themselves as ‘cosmetic dentists’, many claiming to be experts in the field, it can be quite a challenge to zero in on the right one for you. It certainly isn’t worth risking your investment in your new smile only to be left disappointed with the aesthetic outcome, or in the least desirable cases, having your healthy teeth irreversibly damaged in the process.

While most general dentists would also be able to do minor enhancements such as teeth whitening, it requires a lot of practice, experience, and a certain level of artistry to design smiles that their patients love.

This is why it makes sense to invest the time and effort into choosing the right cosmetic dentist, so that you get it right the first time. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry in Australia and around the world, we want to share some important considerations that you cannot ignore when you are looking into cosmetic dental treatment.

Your 6-Point Guide to Finding the Right Dentist

1. Start with Research

This should be your first task. With some simple online research, you can look up the different cosmetic dentists in your area, but also check out their qualifications, training, professional affiliations, accreditations and other background information. You might also want to check if they have received any advanced or post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry – as this not only demonstrates their passion and commitment towards the field, but can really make a difference in the results they deliver. It is essential to check out photos and reviews of the dentist’s actual work.

2. Seek References

While online reviews are a good indicator, there is nothing as reliable as a referral or recommendation from people you know in real life. Seek out references, reviews and recommendations from family and friends you trust. Not only will you get a detailed account of their experience, but you would also be in a better position to have seen their transformation following their cosmetic dental procedures. If there are none, you could also consult with your regular dentist who may be able to refer you to an experienced and affordable cosmetic dentist near you.

3. Clarify the Experience

While there are plenty of general dentists who offer cosmetic services, you really want to clarify the level of experience and ability they have actually have. You shouldn’t just go by the number of patients they treat or the number of cosmetic dental treatments they claim to have done – but rather the quality of dental work done. There is a marked difference in ability between a clinician who has completed many restorative cases and complete smile makeovers, as opposed to minor cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or minor dental bonding. As a patient, it is your right to ask, and there should be no hesitation for the prospective dentist to share with you examples of their own work.

4. Check Patient Testimonials

Most cosmetic dentists will feature their gallery of work on their website and social media. Browsing through these photos definitely provides a good idea of the dentist’s capabilities for the type of cosmetic dental procedure you want. However, do ensure that the images are actual patient photos and not commercially created or stock photos. You could also request your dentist to share actual patient contacts that you could speak with, if you want to get a better sense of their experience.

5. Go for a Consultation

Speaking to the dentist who may be performing your treatment in person is an essential part of your decision making process. Make use of this opportunity to get to know more about the dentist in person and clarify any concerns or questions you might have. Just like a first date, your initial consultation with your shortlisted dentist should feel right. You would also get a first-hand feel of the practice staff, the facilities and gauge your own comfort and confidence level with each of these. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, and you should never ignore your instincts.

6. Plan your Finances

This can be a very important factor influencing your final choice of dentist. Cosmetic dentistry fees can vary widely from dentist to dentist, depending on their qualifications, experience and location. You certainly need to be mindful about the likely financial outlay, but it isn’t always wise to base a decision purely on cost. Of all places where you can cut corners, you should never do it with dental work. Try to find an affordable and established cosmetic dentistry provider with a proven track record and high reputation – because you do not want to lose sleep over a procedure gone wrong or done with substandard materials, do you?

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