Evaluating Your Smile

These questions highlight the common concerns dentists hear from their patients about the appearance of their teeth. Read through the smile evaluation quiz and see if you can relate with them. You should also know that thanks to GlamSmile, all of these issues can now be addressed at a truly affordable price.

Smile Quiz

  • Have you ever been interested in changing the look of your teeth?
  • Are your teeth not as straight as you would like?
  • Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth?
  • Are your teeth stained from coffee, tea, red wine, food or smoking?
  • Do you have tetracycline stained teeth?
  • Have you tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products in the past and been unhappy with the results?
  • Do your teeth have gaps or spaces between them that you don’t like?
  • Are your teeth showing wear on the biting surfaces?
  • Are your teeth chipped, protruding, too long or too short?
  • Do you have prior dental work that you find unattractive? (eg: old metal fillings, degraded or stained resin veneers or composite bonding)
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed by your teeth?
  • Have you ever hidden your smile from your friends, your family, co-workers or cameras?
  • Can you see the positive impact a glamorous straight white smile may have in your confidence, social life and career?

GlamSmile can Help

If any of these statements reflect your thoughts, a talk with a GlamSmile certified dentist will answer your questions on how a smile makeover could transform your life. Either use our online dentist finder, or simply call 1300 452 676 and be connected straight away.