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GlamSmile – Dental Veneers Treatment on the Gold Coast!

We are committed to improving our patient’s smiles with our affordable veneers in Gold Coast. We utilise the latest technologies in dentistry to provide dental veneers designed to work for every set of teeth. GlamSmile veneers are specially developed porcelain veneers invented in Europe with the goal of creating a safer, faster and less invasive smile makeover compared to expensive traditional veneers. Since GlamSmile’s introduction to Australia in 2008, they have created thousands of beautiful smiles for less. GlamSmile porcelain veneers have become the preferred choice of many on the Gold Coast for achieving a glamorous, sparkling white smile.

porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after
porcelain veneers before and after

The Most Affordable Veneers in Gold Coast

Our Veneers dentists assess every patient thoroughly to ensure only the best dental veneers treatment plan has been formulated for them. Throughout this process, our Veneers experts in Gold Coast will explain all aspects of the procedure to ensure you are educated and confident with what is to come and keep you updated with prices and any additional treatments you may need.

If you compare the cost of GlamSmile porcelain veneers to the cost of other cosmetic dentistry treatments available in Gold Coast, you will notice a huge price difference. GlamSmile porcelain veneers cost Gold Coast offers a third or sometimes even a quarter the price some dentists charge for traditional dental porcelain veneers.

How much do porcelain veneers cost in Gold Coast?

Our porcelain veneers cost per tooth usually starts at $600. To ensure more people have the chance of achieving their dream smile, we have three distinct options with varying features so that each patient has a procedure that suits their budget. However, the Veneers cost will also be dependent on the individual case and how complex the procedure will be. Hence, if less preparation is required, then your dental veneers procedure will be cheaper. For more information on pricing of veneers in Gold Coast, our payment plans, or to get an estimated quote, contact our team of GlamSmile dentists today.
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Preparing for the GlamSmile Veneers

GlamSmile involves a non-invasive procedure that does not require excessive grinding down of natural teeth. To prepare your teeth for GlamSmile veneers, in most cases the dentist will only need to clean your teeth thoroughly and prepare the surface of teeth before attaching the porcelain veneers. The complete GlamSmile procedure is quite quick and painless- ideal for those who do not wish to spend too much time in the dentist’s clinic.

What’s the Glamsmile Veneers Procedure?

GlamSmile veneers can be bonded to your teeth in just two short visits. The first session with your dentist will be for consultation purpose. During this session, you can expect your dentist to take the impressions of your teeth along with some photographs of your smile. These impressions and pictures will then be forwarded to the GlamSmile lab for the technicians to prepare your porcelain veneers. Once the teeth porcelain veneers are ready, your dentist will ask you to schedule the next appointment. During your second visit, your dentist will fix the porcelain veneers with the help of a ‘positioning tray’ that fits your dental arch perfectly. This tray allows fixation of up to 10 individual custom-designed veneers in a 1-hour session.


The Advantages Of Porcelain Veneers

Are you tired of constantly having to hide away your smile due to embarrassment from cracks, crooked teeth or uneven spacing? Take back your confidence when you choose GlamSmile’s porcelain veneers in Gold Coast to mend the structure of your teeth. In addition to a smile makeover, there is arrange of other benefits associated with our dental veneers, such as:

Rectifies Dental Issues

Porcelain veneers can transform the look of your teeth in terms of their shape, colour, and position. With the one dental veneers treatment, you’ll find that many of your dental issues will start to fade as our porcelain veneers are an affordable way of tackling a range of dental problems. If you’re dealing with more complex issues, our dentists may suggest further treatments, which they will perform in addition to your porcelain veneers implementation.

Boost Your Confidence

With porcelain veneers in Gold Coast from GlamSmile, we can rectify a range of issues with the one treatment. Crooked or uneven teeth can be flaws that negatively affect our self-esteem. However, by implementing our ultra-thin porcelain veneers, you’ll start to feel your confidence reignite.

Durable And Versatile

Porcelain is naturally strong and sturdy, making it an incredibly durable material for creating dental veneers. Hence, our GlamSmile porcelain veneers are designed to last 10-15 years and be extremely low maintenance. However, over time, if your porcelain veneers start to crack or deteriorate, we can easily repair or replace them to ensure your teeth are always looking their best.

Customised To Your Requirements
Our GlamSmile porcelain veneers packages for Gold Coast patients are available in three distinct yet cost effective options. The Classic, Plus+, and Platinum range all have varying degrees of customisation. You can choose the desired shape, colour, and size for your dental veneers depending on how it fits with your mouth. Our Gold Coast’s veneers specialist will assist you in making the appropriate choices and guarantee a successful result.  
No-Prep Dental Veneers
At GlamSmile, we specialise in no-prep dental veneers, which are durable and ultra-thin. If you are looking for affordable veneers in Gold Coast that require minimal preparation but are still of high-quality and completely effective, then choose from our range of dental veneers Gold Coast today. Depending on how complicated your treatment is, your procedure can be completed with no-prep in as little as two dental visits. The first visit will be where our dentists take 3D impressions of your teeth to figure out how our dental veneers will fit with your natural set and the second dental visit where your porcelain veneers will be bonded to the surface of your teeth. If your set of teeth are suitable for no-prep veneers, then you’ll be able to bypass the tooth preparation stages, which may contain drills or needles. Instead, we will find a way to design veneers that require minimal treatment yet still allow the veneer to strongly bond with your tooth.


Why Choose GlamSmile?

GlamSmile porcelain veneers are a better choice than traditional porcelain veneers for several reasons. Firstly, the procedure for GlamSmile veneers is in most cases completely painless and quick, as there’s no need to grind back healthy tooth tissue to make room for the veneers. Since no grinding is required, there is no need for anaesthesia or needles as well. Moreover, with GlamSmile porcelain veneers, it is easy for you to achieve a new smile within a few weeks. The procedure isn’t lengthy, and the results are immediate, so you don’t have to wait for months or years to flaunt your beautiful smile. The next best thing about the treatment is that it requires you to spend minimal time at the dentist’s clinic, meaning both you and the dentist save time and money on overheads, making the procedure more cost-effective for patients and providers alike.

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If you are planning to get the dental veneers treatment in Gold Coast, it is best to contact one of our provider dentists. GlamSmile is available right here on the Gold Coast. To speak with our expert veneers dentists about your smile, call on 1300 452 676. Book an appointment for yourself today!

We cater to the smiles of all patients and have a variety of payment plans that will help keep cosmetic dentistry affordable and within your budget.