A Detailed Breakdown of our No-Prep Veneer Process

At GlamSmile, we take pride in offering non-invasive smile makeovers with the help of our ultra-thin porcelain veneers. What makes our veneers really special is the fact that they are minimally prep, and in cases even no-prep, meaning that they do not require the teeth to be prepared for veneers, as is often the case with traditional veneers. The biggest advantage that this gives, is the fact that much of the original tooth enamel can be retained, preserving the structural integrity of the tooth.

The best way that this can be understood is to take a look at the traditional veneer process, and then comparing that with the GlamSmile veneer process.

Overview of the Traditional Veneer Procedure

Traditional porcelain veneering entails shaving teeth, as part of tooth preparation, to create space for veneers to be placed. The front surface of the teeth would be trimmed, so that the thickness of the veneer is in alignment with the adjacent teeth. The actual amount of enamel that would be shaved off would differ from case to case, but usually ranges from 0.5 – 0.7mm. This is an irreversible step, and a tooth once shaved, can never be the same again.

This would then be followed by taking an impression of the affected and surrounding teeth, which will be used as a guide to fabricate custom veneers. In some cases, this might also involve the placement of a retraction cord between the tooth and the gum tissue. At this point, the dentist would also determine the veneer shade, so as to make it a very close match with the patient’s natural teeth.

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The GlamSmile Veneer Procedure

When it comes to our no-prep veneers, the entire process of veneer application is a lot more simplified, as no teeth shaving is involved. This is only possible as our porcelain veneers are ultra-thin (0.2 – 0.3mm), which is nearly half the thickness of traditional veneers. Being this thin and light, there is no unnecessary or uncomfortable bulk on the teeth, and the overall procedure is comparatively comfortable.

As a result, there is no need to make any major alterations to the original tooth structure, and also does away with the need for anesthesia in most cases.

Due to the fact that there is minimal to no tooth preparation required for veneers, there will be no temporary veneers needed as well. Moreover, our veneers can be bonded on to the tooth’s surface with ease.

All of these points have a significant contribution in bringing down the time and cost of the procedure, making GlamSmile an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional veneers.

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