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GlamSmile minimal prep porcelain veneers were introduced to the Australian pulic in 2008.

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Programme Transcript
SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: We know that good teeth cost money, and often some long term pain. Now dentists are convinced they’re on the way to overcoming both those obstacles. Sally Obermeder reports.
DR YVONNE KING:Anyone can have perfect teeth.
VALERIE DE MARCO: There has been huge advancements in cosmetic dentistry.
JAYDA ADKER: It was totally painfree.
OBERMEDER: Big, bright straight and white. It’s the perfect Hollywood smile, butits no longer a just luxury for cashed up celebs. Cutting edge technology, means better results in less time, at a fraction of the cost. This is fabulous, for fabu-less.
KING: There are studies to show that people with perfect smiles are considered smarter, they get better job offers, better pay packages. So we know how psychologically important the smile is.
OBERMEDER: Dr Yvonne King believes a great smile can increase anyone’s face value. The latest hit in her surgery is the lunchtime designer smile. In just one hour patients like Jayda Adker can change the whole look of their teeth with a range of new improved veneers.
ADKER: I think they’ve changed a lot. I can just confidently do a big smile and I can see it’s impressing other people too.
OBERMEDER: Tracey Siezland is just about to have the GlamSmile treatment. At just half a millimeter thin, these drastically thinner porcelain veneers require no needles, no lifting of gums, and no filing back of teeth to fit them.
KING: All we need to do is just clean your teeth, condition them, and then we insert all of your ten beautiful veneers all at once with this tray and you will be finished and ready to enjoy your smile in probably less than an hour.
OBERMEDER:New manufacturing techniques mean the thin porcelain of these veneers are just as robust.
KING: We are looking really as low as a third or a quarter of the price of that some dentists charge for veneers, so its well and truly affordable for everyone.
OBERMEDER: Tracey Sizeland is about to check out her indivudual treatment; a brand new smile in her lunchtime.
SIEZLAND: Wow! They look fantastic!
ARMYTAGE:And details on contacting them can be found on our website.

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