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GlamSmile makes it possible for more people to achieve the perfect smile.

Australia’s Experts in Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry for over 10 Years

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Great News! GlamSmile participating dentists can assist with any combination of aesthetic concerns using more affordable cosmetic dental treatments.

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How does GlamSmile work?

Treatment with GlamSmile veneers involves a dentist securely bonding custom made shells of ultra-thin and durable porcelain over the front of each tooth – instantly creating a glamourous, bright and balanced smile.

GlamSmile’s innovative design and production means the perfect smile can be yours painlessly and in less time than ever before – at a price that is affordable for more people.

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Ultra-thin & stunning porcelain veneers

World class quality ceramics, hand-designed for each patient with superior aesthetic results.

Australia’s minimally-invasive, 2-visit smile makeover

Using individually crafted, minimal-preparation porcelain veneers only available from GlamSmile participating providers.

What can GlamSmile do for me?

Treatment with GlamSmile porcelain veneers can completely transform smiles:

Fixing chips & cracks
Improve shape
Closing gaps

Imagine how a stunning, confident and renewed smile could change your life. GlamSmile makes the dream a reality.

The GlamSmile Advantage

GlamSmile was especially developed with goal of allowing for dramatic smile transformations whilst preserving healthy tooth structure.

No grinding or drilling back of healthy teeth*

Unlike traditional veneers, GlamSmile was specifically developed to require only minimal preparation to tooth tissue, making GlamSmile safer for your natural teeth and in most cases completely painfree.

GlamSmile’s minimally invasive approach normally only requires superficial surface preparation to ensure the veneers bond strongly and securely.

No needles or anaesthetic required*

Because GlamSmile’s minimal prep veneer treatment can in most cases be completed without needing to grind back healthy tooth tissue, the procedure can be completed comfortably and without anaesthetic.

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Trusted by Australians for Over 10 Years

Developed in Europe and available in over thirty countries – GlamSmile has helped over 10,000 Australians achieve the perfect smile since 2008.

Available Australia-wide from GlamSmile Certified clinics

Our GlamSmile participating dentists are here to help.

To learn more about this exciting treatment options, speak with an GlamSmile Certified provider near you by calling 1300 452 676.

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Cost and Procedure

A beautiful smile is an asset worth investing in – but it doesn’t need to cost the world. Get a free copy of our informative ‘Procedure and Pricing Guide’ delivered direct to your inbox to read now or at a time that suits you.

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Smile Now, Pay Later

Our provider dentists offer payment plans and finance. You could be enjoying the newfound confidence and pride of a beautiful smile sooner than you think with easy and manageable repayment options.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Now Safer & More Affordable

GlamSmile certified dentists can offer exceptional cosmetic dentistry at a fraction of the cost other dentists around Australia are charging – and the results are outstanding.

Providers Across Australia

GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers are only available from GlamSmile Certified dentists.

We are committed to offering lower-cost, safe and beautiful cosmetic dentistry to more Australians, with participating clinics across:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Wollongong
  • Adelaide

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