Understanding porcelain veneers prices in Australia

In the past, the cost of porcelain veneers was considered too expensive for most Australians. GlamSmile was specifically developed to change that. By applying custom-made, ultra-thin shells of beautiful porcelain over your existing teeth, our network of cosmetic dentists can transform your smile without the usual eye-watering cost of veneers in Australia.

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How much do veneers cost in Australia?

So, how much do porcelain veneers cost? Many people contact our participating clinics wanting to know how much porcelain veneers cost in Australia. Unfortunately, this isn’t a cut and copy answer. As a guide, if you are a candidate for porcelain veneers requiring very little tooth preparation, GlamSmile’s most affordable veneers generally will start at around $800 per tooth – which is a drastic fee difference compared to what some dentists around Australia quote for veneers, which can be three or even four times higher than that.

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If you are researching porcelain veneer prices, what we can tell is that since GlamSmile was introduced to Australia, our providers have offered complete smile makeovers for as little as a third of what traditional porcelain veneers cost.

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Our porcelain veneer range

GlamSmile offer a range of versatile porcelain veneer treatments. Depending on your goals, your dentist will recommend whether GlamSmile Classic (available in gorgeous e.max porcelain or even more durable and beautiful Zirconia) and GlamSmile Platinum will best suit your needs.

GlamSmile is an affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment which you can expect an affordable, stunning and complete smile makeover in as little as a few weeks.

Your veneers price often depends on how your teeth are visually present when smiling. Some patients may only require six veneers, whilst others may require veneers on an entire dental arch of ten teeth. The price can also vary depending on the aesthetic features the patient desires – for example, more visual features within the veneers themselves, such as translucency at the ends of the teeth, and more natural characteristics such as mamelons and graded shading or colour. Our most affordable entry-level veneer is more opaque, which will create that “Hollywood white” result that blocks out underlying tooth stains and improves the shape of individual teeth.

If you’d like to transform your entire smile and you’re wondering how much a full set of dental veneers cost, rest assured we have a range of treatment options to help you achieve your goals.

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Is a GlamSmile treatment covered by private health?

When you are considering cosmetic dental work, it’s worth knowing that some health funds offer a rebate on your teeth veneers cost.  GlamSmile veneers may be categorised as major dental in your dental extras cover and depending on your level of coverage, you may be entitled to a rebate on your treatment costs. Contact your health fund for details on your eligible rebate for a precise idea of your fund entitlements.

Your GlamSmile dentist will provide you with a complete treatment plan and quote for your veneers to consider before you commit to any treatments – so you have complete peace of mind and fully-informed financial consent. Contact a GlamSmile certified provider to obtain a personalised treatment plan with one of our dentists.

You will be surprised at how affordable dental veneers cost thanks to GlamSmile!

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How it Works

The revolutionary GlamSmile cosmetic dentistry procedure utilises the latest advancements in technology for world-leading results.

Here’s what to expect:


Personalised Smile Design: A GlamSmile dentist will discuss your individual smile goals and assess your smile. If you are a suitable candidate for treatment, digital scans and photos of your teeth will be sent to GlamSmile where our master ceramists and dental technicians will design your new smile in line with yours and your dentist’s input.


Veneer Production: Your porcelain veneers will be crafted in the shade of your choice at a GlamSmile dental laboratory. Precision fabrication ensures each ultra-thin veneer is durable and will fit perfectly over your natural teeth.


Placement & Bonding: Your veneers are then strongly and safely bonded over your natural teeth without the destructive and unnecessary cutting back of healthy tooth tissue as traditionally required for porcelain veneers.