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Cosmetic Dentistry In The Gold Coast

Are you searching for high-quality cosmetic dentistry in the Gold Coast? At GlamSmile, we offer a functional, comprehensive porcelain veneers treatment that will transform the look and functionality of your teeth. We have years of experience in the dental industry and are experts in finding appropriate, innovative solutions for solving your dental issues. Hence, we have designed GlamSmile porcelain veneers as a cheap alternative to traditional cosmetic dentistry services. Even the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedures can be incredibly expensive. Hence, we have designed a treatment that keeps prices affordable so that everyone gains access to high-quality dental care. Whether you are suffering from chipped, crooked, or uneven teeth, our veneers are a reliable and efficient way of rectifying your dental concerns and transforming your smile. For the best cosmetic dentistry in the area, choose our team at GlamSmile today.

What Is GlamSmile?

GlamSmile is a professionally designed cosmetic dental treatment utilised to enhance your teeth’ aesthetic appeal and functionality without compromising their natural structure. Our GlamSmile treatment involved the implementation of ultra-thin porcelain veneers, which are individually constructed to suit the unique arrangement of your teeth. When you want to transform your smile into one you are proud to show off — choose GlamSmile. Find a Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry At GlamSmile

Our patients have access to premium porcelain veneers as part of our comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services. By designing veneers that require less preparation and fewer dentist visits, we ensure that everyone has access to affordable cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists are dedicated to assisting you throughout your dental health care journey and helping you achieve your desired smile makeover.

The GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers Range

At GlamSmile, we cater to the needs of all our patients. Therefore, we offer three distinct yet effective treatment option that will help to rectify a range of dental issues. Each treatment differs regarding the extent of customisation and control you have, however, each one is incredibly affordable and guaranteed to provide the best results. All three GlamSmile porcelain veneer options can be used to:
  • Close gaps
  • Lengthen
  • Re-align
  • Reshape
  • Whiten
GlamSmile Classic The Classic is our most affordable set. Our original and first treatment is designed with an emphasis on safety, effectiveness, and affordability. Some of the benefits associated with the classic range include:
  • Ultra-thin & durable
  • Minimal preparation and hassle-free procedure
  • Completed within just two dentist visits
  • 10 custom-designed per arch
  • 3D-CAD crafted with unique digital previews
GlamSmile Plus+ Our Plus+ range is an enhanced version of our Classic porcelain veneers. It allows for a more natural appearance while keeping the price of the treatment significantly low. Some of the benefits associated with the Plus+ range include:
  • Better aesthetics
  • A natural surface texture
  • A wider choice of shades
  • A trial fitting prior to bonding
GlamSmile Platinum Are you looking for premium cosmetic dentistry for a cheaper price? Choose GlamSmile’s Platinum range of porcelain veneers for a natural-looking smile that does not go over your budget. Some of the many benefits associated with the Platinum range include:
  • Visual appeal with layered porcelain
  • A full range of shades
  • The most natural-looking and translucent in the series
  • Natural characteristics
  • Trial fitting prior to bonding

Why Choose GlamSmile?

Are you constantly hiding away your smile due to crooked or uneven teeth? Take back your confidence and smile freely with GlamSmile. Our ultra-thin porcelain veneers will transform the visual appeal of your teeth, all while you save money and boost your self-esteem. There are many reasons to choose GlamSmile for your cosmetic dentistry needs, some of which include: Durability Porcelain is a highly durable and long-lasting material. Even with the ultra-thin design of our porcelain veneers, we guarantee that they will serve their purpose for at least 10-15 years. With the proper care and maintenance, you will be able to preserve your mouth’s appeal and functionality for its entire life cycle. Effectiveness The GlamSmile porcelain veneers treatment is an effective procedure that will have you looking and feeling your best. Not only will it transform the appeal of your teeth, but it only takes a short amount of time to be completed. Depending on the complexity of your situation, you may only need to visit the dentist a total of two times. The first for taking 3D impressions of your mouth (this will help us create individually crafted veneers for your teeth), and the second is when the veneers are bonded to the tooth’s surface. Affordability At GlamSmile, we have designed a high-quality treatment option that remains affordable throughout the process. We believe everyone should gain access to comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, we keep our prices low and have a range of payment plans to best suit your budget. No matter which of our treatments you choose, we guarantee affordable prices. Simple Procedure Bonding the ultra-thin porcelain veneers to your natural teeth is a straightforward, simple process. It is non-invasive as there is no need to cut back any healthy tooth tissue or prepare your teeth for implementation. This means there are no drills, needles or anaesthesia involved in the process. Accurate Fit Our dentists use advanced 3D technology to take impressions of your teeth and show you how your new smile will look before we even begin the procedure. This is the stage where you can make any changes to either shape, colour, or size. This ensures that your porcelain veneers will be the perfect fit for your teeth and form the desired appearance.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

The GlamSmile porcelain veneers range is a transformative treatment that remains affordable. However, the low price doesn’t mean we skip out on quality. Our veneers are custom-made to fit the natural structure of your teeth. However, our exceptional seating and bonding method allows us to apply a full set in less than an hour. With enhanced computer-assisted software, our dentists can carry out efficient cosmetic dentistry in a short time frame – meaning you spend less time at the dental clinic, and therefore, pay less money for the procedure. For more information on prices or to get an accurate quote, contact us today.

How can you be sure that the GlamSmile results are going to be right?

GlamSmile’s minimal prep-porcelain dental veneers are designed using 3D software for precision. The software allows the dentist and patient to see how they will look when placed over the natural teeth. If the patient is not completely satisfied with the cosmetic dentistry design, changes can be made before they are physically created.

Pain-Free Dentist In The Gold Coast

The fear of pain is a major reason most people don’t want to partake in cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, at GlamSmile, we have created a pain-free treatment option that ensures our patients feel comfortable through every step of the journey. Instead of utilising drills and other scary tools, our team will use breakthrough technology to take 3D scans of your mouth and evaluate what kind of porcelain veneer will be best suited to your teeth. Our pain-free dentistry guarantees:
  • Minimal and cheap dentist visits
  • No needles or drills
  • Non-invasive preparation with no grinding or shaving
  • Ultra-thin that will not irritate your natural gums
For more information on pain-free cosmetic dentistry at GlamSmile, contact us today.

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