Advantages of a Smile

Need more reasons to smile?

Many people don’t realise how important the act of smiling truly is. For people who are afraid or embarrassed to show their teeth and smile, they will often miss out on many advantages that come from smiling without hesitation.

Read on to see how having a beautiful smile can impact on different aspects of your life.

Get More Social

Appear more confident

People who appear more self-confident and proud of their appearance and their smile are social magnets.

Encourage trust

A smile is a powerful social and psychological signal to others, which promotes trust and cooperation. People who aren’t afraid to show their teeth when they smile appear happier, friendlier, and more genuine.

Careful… a smile is contagious!

The best thing to spread to the people around you is a smile! Around 50% of people will respond to a smile by smiling back. Have you noticed your smile more around children? On average, they smile around 400 times per day! Happier people smile around 40 to 50 times a day, whereas the average person only does so around 20 times.

Smile more. Smile often

Your smile might tell you something about your future… The famous “yearbook study” followed up the lives of women who had the best smiles in their yearbook photo and compared them to their classmates, finding they led happier lives, had better marriages, and experienced fewer setbacks. Source: Huffington Post (2013)

Feel the Love ♥

A smile is sexy

A person who appears confident and smiling is more attractive. Men are more likely to approach a woman who smiles at him rather than just make eye contact.

Appear younger

A smile naturally lifts the face, making people appear years younger, studies have shown.

A smile is a signal

71% of women judge a man by his teeth, whilst 58% of men judge a woman based on her’s. The smile of both sexes took priority over grammar, clothes, hair, hands, and tattoos. Source: ABC News, Daily Mail (2013)

It’s just our nature

A university study found that proportionately spaced and white smiles make people seem more attractive, with researchers describing teeth as “the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail”. A healthy-looking smile is a sign of good health and good genetics, assisting in mate selection. Source: Daily Mail (2012)

Career Booster

The power of a smile

Rick Wilson PhD in his study of ‘fiscal attraction’, found a correlation between good looks, smiling, and success; with attractiveness positively relating to perceived levels of intelligence, trust, and leadership capability. People with better smiles were also more trustworthy, and likely to be successful in loan applications. Source: Business Insider (2011)

Investing in a smile really pays off

Someone with a confident smile is likely to earn more money through tips and promotions than their straight-faced colleagues, and those with better smiles tend to earn higher wages too.

Smile your way to success

Research has supported the theory of a smile being a psychological signal for cooperativeness, finding a smile has significant assisting value when bargaining, negotiating, and interacting with strangers. Source: Scharlwmann et al (2001)

Get noticed, get ahead

A white, straight, and balanced smile will gain positive attention and respect, giving that extra edge over another candidate for a position or promotion.

Improved Wellbeing

Happy smile, happy mind!

Healthy and strong teeth give us a better quality of life. Smiling reduces stress, leading to a better mood by releasing endorphins into the brain, making you feel happier. Smiling boosts your immune system: A smile initiates relaxation in the body, relieving stress and tension, allowing the immune system to do its job more effectively.

When you are proud of your smile, you care for your teeth.

People who are not happy with their teeth tend not to care as well for them, leading to a cycle of neglect, where dental health continues to worsen as dissatisfaction increases. This can lead to costly future treatment, decreased mood or confidence, and even depression.

Live Longer!

A university study found that people with wide, happy smiles often live an extra 5 – 8 years longer compared to people who don’t! Whereas people who smiled with their mouth closed only gained around 3 extra years. Source: Abel & Kruger, 2010.

Healthy smile, healthy heart?

The link between oral health, plaque in the arteries, and heart disease is showing up in more and more studies. Be proud of your smile and take care of your teeth. Source: C. Paddock PhD (2013) Research is showing poor dental health has links to a wide range of other health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer, respiratory infection, and rheumatoid arthritis. Source: V Grassi (2012), Whiteman (2013)

What else could GlamSmile do for you?

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