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What is

GlamSmile is a minimally-invasive and more affordable cosmetic dental treatment using specially designed porcelain veneers – the secret behind the fresh, glamorous and perfect smiles of Hollywood celebs.


Ultra-thin & durable
porcelain veneers

GlamSmile porcelain veneers are individually designed and crafted with precision for strength and beauty whilst being as thin as possible so healthy teeth require minimal preparation.

Minimal 0.3mm thin veneers
Porcelain Veneers

How can GlamSmile improve your smile?

GlamSmile can provide longterm improvements to your smile:

Shape & Length
Straighten Appearance
Close Gaps
Repair Chips & Damage
Improve Gum Ratio
Restore Worn Teeth
Whiter, Balanced Shade

GlamSmile is a minimal-preparation procedure, so in most cases there are no needles and maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure.
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We’ve helped over5,000 Aussiessmile again

For over 10 years, GlamSmile dentists around Australia have transformed the lives of thousands of patients with more affordable dentistry.

The Procedure

GlamSmile is a global sensation – with tens of thousands of patients enjoying their beautiful new smiles around the world.

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10 Years Proudly Australian‑Owned and Operated
Over 5,000 Aussie Smiles Transformed
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GlamSmile’s combination of minimal tooth preparation, more efficient procedures and specially designed veneer fabrication allows our dentists to transform a smile for a fraction of the cost some dentists charge.

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Ordinarily, cosmetic dental work in Australia has been costly and requiring significant tooth preparation. GlamSmile was specifically introduced to Australia to allow more people to access minimally-invasive, quality cosmetic dentistry at a price more Australians can afford, as little as half or a third of what some dentists charge for porcelain veneers.

Our participating GlamSmile dentists are committed to providing smile makeovers using GlamSmile’s exclusive range of porcelain veneers, and can offer a variety of solutions using our high quality dental veneers.

True Cosmetic Dentistry made Truly Affordable

GlamSmile can address a range of aesthetic concerns. Discover if GlamSmile’s treatments are suitable for your smile by simply booking an assessment with a certified GlamSmile provider.

Our dentists will determine what GlamSmile can do to meet your smile goals and prepare a personalised treatment plan for you to consider all the options available. There are certified providers conveniently located across Australia with access to GlamSmile’s unique porcelain veneer technology.

You will be amazed at how affordable a smile makeover with GlamSmile could be!

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GlamSmile porcelain veneers were introduced to Australia as the first truly low cost dental veneers, made from the highest quality, exquisite looking porcelain. These ultra-thin porcelain veneers are safely bonded by a dentist to the front surfaces of your existing teeth, giving you a straighter, whiter and more balanced smile. Traditional porcelain veneers are much thicker than GlamSmile veneers, often requiring considerable tooth preparation by cutting back of healthy enamel to make room for the veneers so they don’t appear bulky or unnatural. GlamSmile veneers were specially developed for minimal to no-preparation smile makeovers, made from durable and beautiful e.max porcelain. This means in most cases there is no unnessesary or painful removal of healthy tooth structure.